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The main challenges facing companies are data related: improving the utility of the data, enriching it, making the right decisions for your business.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can respond to major strategic imperatives by reinventing value chains, business models, and sectors.

Accelerate your digital transformation, improve your business performance and productivity

Octopeek will help:

  • Digital transformation through data, making the right decisions using relevant data and AI tools.
  • Designing and building a Big Data platform to process the data
  • Improving business performance through better analytics
  • Enhancing team productivity

Let us help you with Big Data and AI projects

80% of the increasingly large project data is unstructured, adding to the difficulty of interpretation. Without tools and data experts, it is difficult to make fact-based decisions quickly.
Thanks to its many experts, Octopeek can support you in your Big Data & AI projects, from creation to production putting the infrastructure in place for your competitive advantage.

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Building your company’s Big Data platform collaboratively

Octopeek helps companies accelerate their digital transformation with our focus on Big Data and Data Science. Customers face many decisions in their digital transformation:

Which data should you use, enhance, and which to dispose of?

Which tools are best for this effort or the infrastructure as a whole?
What are the most important objectives?
For marketing, loyalty, and churn?
For industry, predictive maintenance?
Octopeek guides you in building the right Big Data platform for your company, to meet your objectives.

360° expertise


Build and deploy Big Data architectures


Automation and exploitation of Big Data platforms


Ingest, Design, Develop, Transform


Organizing and driving the project


Analysis and industrialization of data logistics


Assistance, animation, methodology and product vision


Guarantees data integrity and governance


Advanced data modeling and analysis


Data Operation documentation quality, manipulation





A few of our clients

Octopeek at AXA

AXA is one of the world’s leading insurance and asset management groups, serving 108 million clients, individuals and businesses, in 57 countries.
Working with AXA on actuarial risk assessment and fraud detection taught us the importance of flexibility in matching infrastructure with the current needs of business analysts.
In practice, there are always cost-benefit trade-offs to be made depending on the applications in use.
As business needs evolve, the underlying compute and storage needs must be optimized dynamically.
In doing so, we were able to avoid incurring unnecessary cost overhead and performance penalties.
Above all, we discovered the most pressing needs of business analysts, consultants, and project managers who have to design and maintain business applications for ongoing use.
For AXA, beyond making Data Science more accessible to non-specialists, the real value was created when the project was taken out of the lab and put into production.

Octopeek at Banque de France

Banque de France is France’s central bank, or the equivalent of the United States Federal Reserve.
The institution asked us to help create a system to monitor interbank exchange rates with an emphasis on data auditability and data quality supervision.
The ability to monitor the quality of data feeds and to demonstrate the paths and processes data has taken at all times was essential for ensuring that users can trust their business applications.

Octopeek at Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom is a mobile network operator and Internet Service Provider. It employs over 5000 people and in 2018 generated over €5bn in revenue.
The most important business imperative for Bouygues Telecom was solving Quality of Service and Predictive Maintenance issues.  For them, making complex, operational data accessible and actionable to end users was critical to this project’s success.

Octopeek at a pure-play e-commerce leader

Octopeek helped an international e-commerce company with its competitive intelligence challenges.
With a requirement to maintain over 2 million product references, surveying constant competitive price moves was initially outsourced at great cost.
The company was losing sales to more nimble specialist sites and leaving money on the table by discounting too much.
Beyond the mathematical challenge of optimizing pricing and discounts and making a real impact on the top line and on margins, they were faced with the difficulty of maintaining access to digital information belonging to third parties.
Octopeek developed multiple methods to utilize web scraping and to structure and extract meaning in real time from sources such as product images and video that were never intended to enable direct comparison.

Bring AI to your enterprise with Octopeek

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