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Your company is transforming, your business is evolving and new needs are emerging
thanks to Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Octopeek can 
support you in your Data transformation.

Data, company treasure

Data represents a true digital revolution. Over 90% of them have been generated since 2017: whether by companies within their information systems and their Datacenter (structured and unstructured data), thanks to the boom of the Internet of Things (IoT or connected objects) or thanks to the data based on user experience

More and more data to store and manage

By 2025, we will have produced 175 zettabytes of data. Traditional techniques no longer allow effective processing of this data. Without recourse to Big Data, without a Data Driven strategy, it becomes difficult to make the right decisions.
The digital transformation of companies requires a transformation through the Data. Indeed, data is the basis for the creation of new services, customer databases of value and of new applications, and plays a crucial role in the digital transition of the company.
Big Data technologies make it possible to collect, store and analyze data in order to find correlations in the data and to make a precise analysis of a situation, or even to anticipate behavior, a phenomenon…

For each business problem, there is a use case

In the same company, each department has its own business issues to solve. Whatever the sector of activity, whatever the size of the company, there is an infinite number of business use cases.
The use of Machine Learning provides an answer to these problems and allows each department to improve their productivity and their performance. The use cases put forward by Octopeek are not exhaustive, but they are flexible and can be adapted to all industries.

Artificial intelligence becomes a real growth driver and a key success factor for this digital transition.
For example, Octopeek has provided marketing and purchasing departments in the retail sector  with a response to economic intelligence issues by combining Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing).


AI has also had a positive impact in other sectors: anticipating transport strikes, reducing telecoms churn rates or even optimizing the movement of urban transport…


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