Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions in Insurance sector

The digitization of the Financial Services sector is taking different forms. The sector has recently been shaken up by Insurtech insurgents. Oriented toward rapid customer service, Insurtech companies are reinventing what Insurance will look like in the future.

Traditional insurers therefore need to reinvent themselves and face some familiar challenges in a new way: Reducing risk (detecting fraud, credit scoring), improving investment performance (refocusing human resources on high added value tasks), facing new competition in Insurtech, and reducing customer attrition by personalizing their offers even more.

These challenges are existential. They require a data-centric strategy and relevant Machine Learning solutions to identify precise and relevant insights.

Octopeek builds and delivers several machine learning models for the Insurance industry. As a financial services company deploys artificial intelligence solutions, outputs from one model become inputs for another. Take advantage of the solutions today.

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Benefits with Octopeek

  • Explainable AI

  • Boost your productivity

  • NLP and predictive analytics technology combination

Use cases in Insurance

Dramatic churn reduction in insurance policies

Detect and prevent churn from unsatisfied customers


Customer intelligence in insurance

Identify and target customers with a second car


Fraud detection in insurance

Detect fraudulent providers in insurance sector


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Absorb all types of data and prepare them faster


Turn your data into predictive models


Create full-fledged enterprise Data Science applications


Fastest path to insights with Data Storytelling

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