Machine Learning solutions in Telecom sector

Today’s telecom companies manage complex and distributed infrastructure.
The growing activity of telecom networks and their users has lead to a massive generation of very large volumes of data.
This makes a complex ecosystem that requires telecom companies to use a similarly disruptive technology in order to benefit from those huge volumes of data.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can help companies exploit this new data, and drive growth.
The main challenges are to improve customer relationships, create and provide the right offer at the right time, improve the quality of service, and make employees more efficient.

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Benefits with Octopeek

  • Predictive analytics

  • Boost your productivity

  • Increase your revenue

Use case in Telecom sector

Telecom quality of service

Improve the quality, increase the renewal rate, reduce the bad payers


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Detect fraud from our predictive models


Propose personalized offers corresponding to the customers' needs


Improve the quality of service in fixed and mobile telephony


Fastest path to insights with Data Storytelling

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The Telecom industry needs to move from ad-hoc experimentation with AI to enable everybody within the organization to use it to improve both operational efficiency and deliver business value.

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