Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions in Banking sector


Today’s Financial Services companies manage complex and distributed infrastructure.
The growing complexity of delivering Financial Services to their Institutional and Retail clients leads to increasingly large volumes of data.
This adds to the challenge of increasing profitability, and requires a systemic approach to data science and methodology.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science done well, can improve both top and bottom line results. AI therefore, represents a new growth driver for Financial Services companies.
The main challenges are familiar: to improve customer relations, provide the right offer at the right time, improve the quality of service, and make employees more efficient.

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Benefits with Octopeek

  • Predictive analytics

  • Boost your productivity

  • Increase your revenue

Use cases in Banking sector

Process automation in investment banking

Automation of subscription warrant by OCR


Credit scoring disruption

Time to market: Credit scoring for Gen Z


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Absorb all types of data and prepare them faster


Data anonymization


Turn your data into predictive models


Fastest path to insights with Data Storytelling

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Financial services need to move from departmental experimentation with AI to enable everybody within the organization to use it to improve both operational efficiency and deliver business value.

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