About us

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Our story

A dynamic player in French Tech, Octopeek is considered a pioneer in data sciences, Big Data technologies and AI. In the 2000s, Octopeek co-founders Mahmoud Zakaria and Abdelkrim Talhaou realized that data processing, assisted by AI, made it possible to create robust predictive analysis models for better strategic and operational decisions, provided that they served business-driven practical uses.

Anticipating problems in the management and analysis of large data volumes as well as a lack of skills in Data Science, Octopeek rapidly decided to focus on business expertise and training.
In the ten years it has existed, Octopeek has successfully supported some thirty companies in the banking, insurance, automotive, e-commerce and telecom sectors in terms of risk analysis, fraud reduction, improved service quality, the introduction of predictive maintenance, traceability, and the integrity of flows between establishments.
As well as providing tools and consultancy services, Octopeek lays on over 200 training courses each year to raise awareness of data science in companies and employees.

To meet the challenges faced by organizations, Octopeek devotes a third of its investments to research, and has published a research topic every two years over the last decade. Today, more than 30% of Octopeek experts are PhD graduates.
Over the years, Octopeek has built up a real Data Science ecosystem by teaming up with prestigious partners like Paris Saclay University, CentraleSupelec, INRIA (national institute for research in computer science and automation) and CNRS (national center of scientific research).

Today, Octopeek keeps innovating to facilitate the accessibility, enrichment and analysis of ever-growing data volumes, and is accelerating its development.
Its goal is to provide concrete Data Science solutions to the world’s largest organizations, thus helping them make better decisions based on secure, reliable data. Octopeek is also looking to expand its ecosystem through partnerships with major international research laboratories.

Our core values

  • The customer is our only priority
  • Let’s exceed our commitments
  • Let’s respect each other
  • Loyalty, honesty, and caring are our DNA

Our People

Octopeek is home to specialists in how AI is applied to business.

Roughly one third of the team hold or are currently completing doctoral degrees in data science.

Why join Octopeek?

  • Innovative company
  • Growth & results oriented
  • Passionate people
  • Multicultural team
  • Weekly sporting events
  • Afterworks
  • “Geek Garden”: weekly knowledge meeting
  • Team Building

The founders

Dr. Mahmoud ZAKARIA

Octopeek's General Manager

He has a passion for applying mathematical research to real business problems. He is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and statistical modeling and has in-depth knowledge of the Telecoms and IT sectors. Mahmoud holds a masters degree in Mathematical Engineering and a PhD from Telecom ParisTech.

The founders

Abdelkrim TALHAOUI

Octopeek's CEO

He is a specialist in Big Data and Cloud architectures and has developed domain expertise in the energy, insurance, telecoms, ecommerce, manufacturing and logistics sectors. Abdelkrim is a graduate of Telecom ParisTech and ESSEC Business School.