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Octopeek is a company that provides Big Data and artificial intelligence consulting and training to businesses.

The company was founded in 2010 by Abdelkrim Talhaoui, who earned a Master’s in Mathematics from Telecom ParisTech and an MBA from ESSEC, and Mahmoud Zakaria, who holds a Master’s in Mathematical Engineering and a Doctorate in Mathematics and Information Technology from Telecom ParisTech.

Octopeek’s mission is to democratize the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for business performance and productivity.
In order to remain at the forefront of innovation, Octopeek develops partnerships with world-class research institutions, and funds fundamental research to advance the state of the art of Data Science.

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Enriched data lakes and self-learning systems are the future. Thanks to exponentially increasing volumes of data, opportunities for enrichment, and the rapid progress of AI, professionals will be able to be free from the details of implementation to fully dedicate themselves to generating intelligence, innovation, and business value. Abdelkrim Talhaoui
Thanks to IOT and social media, companies are being confronted with exponential growth in volumes of data. To harness this wave, big data and AI technologies must simplify and elegantly operationalize use of this data. It will require more robust and powerful infrastructure, more open and customizable AI models, as well as simpler data science platforms to democratize the use of these powerful tools.

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Enterprises need to move from ad-hoc experimentation with AI to enable everybody within the organization to use it to improve both operational efficiency and deliver business value.

AI has the potential to improve all the business functions of the enterprise.

The collective intelligence of the organization improves dramatically through the combination of your data enriched with well-sourced external data.

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