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We provide training on new technologies and new skills related to digital transformation through data. Data Science and Big Data technologies are a major strategic issue for companies. They are affecting value chains, business models and different trades within these organizations.
The training courses offered in this catalog make it possible to comprehend these new technologies and gain the know–how related to the digital transformation in discovery mode, in depth or as an expert.

A recognized expertise in Big Data and Data Science

Our teams of PhD’s and engineers learn from their day-to-day experiences with major corporations and by participating in strategic projects and responding to different use cases in many different markets.

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Our method

Octopeek Academ’AI courses span both technical, methodological, and organizational fields. Theory and practice are combined with concrete use cases. All of our trainees work on a real Big Data platform – Octopeek Big Data as a Service.

Octopeek Academ'AI is certified

Develop your Big Data and Data Science skills

Octopeek Academ'AI offers what technology and business process can't: skills!

Our trainings are grouped into 10 areas of expertise:

  • Big Data – Basics
  • Big Data – Development
  • Big Data – Infrastructure
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • NoSQL Database
  • Big Data – Transverse
  • IA & Data Science
  • Data analysis method
  • Data: search, restitution & visualization
  • Data Business

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