Our Big Data & AI expertise serving business

Big Data is transforming the world and giving new impetus to human intelligence.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, prediction has become realistic.
The challenge is to support these changes within businesses.

A data-driven strategy

The main challenges facing companies are data related: making the right decisions because of the data, improving their productivity and their business performance

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can address these major strategic issues and reinvent value chains, business models and sectors.

Octopeek designs products that free-up your organizations.It is no longer a question of acting at the global level of the company, but directly at the level of each business unit.

Business-oriented solutions

Octopeek, the Deep Tech French startup, is a leading provider of data analytics software based on Big Data and artificial intelligence solutions.
These solutions enable business departments, whatever their activity sector, to improve their productivity and their business performance (marketing, HR, purchasing, supply chain…).


Self-service business products

Octopeek is opening up the use of Big Data tools and making artificial intelligence accessible to all to develop business.
Whether you work in marketing, sales or human resourcesadd value to your data with Octopeek Smart AI, Octopeek Data Quality and Octopeek HR Sourcing

Through CIFRE agreements, Octopeek finances thesis in cooperation with Centrale Supélec/LRI and theUniversité Paris Saclay. Octopeek relies on its PhD staff and research engineers to develop new products.
Octopeek is CIR approved (research tax credit)

Do you need to improve your skills in Big Data matters (infrastructures and technologies, Data Analysis…), learn how to pilot a Big Data project or improve your knowledge of Data Science?

Our trainers, experts in their field, will combine theory and practice in their training.
Octopeek is OPCO approved.