Octopeek Smart AI

Octopeek Smart AI is a platform for solutions that add value to all types of data in your business.
Work with quality data, better understand your customers, identify future prospects, get ahead of your competitors, and recruit the best profiles.

Octopeek Data Performance

With Octopeek Data Performance you can consistently improve the quality and reliability of your data:
– Deduplication, validation and standardization with Machine Learning;
– Standardization of data (RNVP, SIREN);
– Evaluation of data reliability (Email, telephone, SIREN/SIRET).

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Octopeek HR Sourcing

With Octopeek HR Sourcing you can recruit the best technical and marketing profiles:
– Identification of the candidates that best meet your need on the web;
– Display of results by relevance;
– Retrieval of candidate contact details;
– Notification of new candidates matching your search.

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Octopeek Price Monitoring

With Octopeek Price Monitoring you can establish the best pricing strategy: –
Continually analyze and monitor the prices charged by your competitors;
– Find and quickly compare your product references with those of your competitors;
– Display the data easily with Dataviz .

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