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Improving the quality of service by exploiting customer feedback in the automotive sector

A vehicle generates an infinite amount of data during its life cycle. This provides valuable information about the quality, safety and performance of the vehicle. By using this, complex problems can be diagnosed to help improve vehicle engineering and assembly processes.

Improving the quality of service by exploitation of customer feedback during garage repairs.

For whom?

A French car manufacturer.


A Big Data infrastructure has been deployed to centralize batch and real-time feedback of all quality elements for repairs to the group’s vehicles.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards to make use of this data have been implemented. In particular, this helped to trace defective parts all the way back from the garage folder to the supplier folder, and thus improve the engineering and assembly processes of the vehicles.

And the results?

The deployment of a Big Data infrastructure and the implementation of performance indicators and dashboards has resulted in a significant return on investment with respect to the group’s guarantees (one of the largest expenses of the French car manufacturer). This work has led to a significant decrease in the cost of manufacturer guarantee refunds, thanks to detection and correction at the outset of a design or of assembly procedures.