Octopeek, the Deeptech company

Who are we?

After more than ten years supporting many companies (CAC40, ETI) in their Data transformation projects, Mahmoud Zakaria and Abdelkrim Talhaoui created Octopeek in 2010.
Octopeek is the Deeptech leader in artificial intelligence solutions for digital transformation and business productivity.

The various issues of our customers

  • Digital transformation through data, which means making the right decisions thanks to the data and the AI (everything related to customer knowledge for marketing for example (loyalty, churn prediction…), or the issues of predictive maintenance in industry…)
  • Having a Big Data platform to process the data
  • Improving their business performance
  • Improving team productivity

The promise

On a general level, Octopeek responds to business needs through its efficient and innovative infrastructure. Octopeek disrupts data processing and analysis with Data Science models that enable the enrichment of real-time client data and have a 99.9% scoring confidence. The data thus enhanced by these algorithms allows a business problem to be resolved and to afford productivity gains in the order of 30 to 40%.


Octopeek is made up mainly of motivated Big Data and Data Science experts. 1/3 of the workforce is comprised of Doctors graduates or PhD students in Data Science.

Our strength lies in the sharing and exchange between two very different but complementary generations (X & Z).

The four Octopeek pillars

“Customer Oriented”

“Customer ROI”

“Innovation First”

“Technology Democratization”