The founders

Business transformation through Data Science and Predictive Analytics was the spur that led the Octopeek founders Mahmoud Zakaria, PhD, and Abdelkrim Talhaoui to launch their startup in 2010, to advance, learn more, and to specialize in these areas. With a shared taste for challenge and innovation, attracted by the creative potential based on high-level skills, a team of experts and PhD level people was assembled to take part in this adventure.

Thanks to Big Data, the prospective is supported by the predictive. Supercomputers, algorithms, and Machine Learning sift through oodles of data and develop mathematical models.
This is the era of anticipation.

Mahmoud Zakaria, PhD

Co-founder | Head Data Scientist

Expert in Data Science and Modeling, and in Artificial Intelligence, with an in-depth knowledge of the Telecoms and IT sector, Mahmoud Zakaria is a mathematician with a passion for research and development

Abdelkrim Talhaoui

Co-founder | Big Data Architect

A graduate of ESSEC and of Telecom Paris Tech, Abdelkrim Talhaoui is a Big Data expert in most sectors, including energy, insurance, telecoms, ecommerce, industry, transport… Specialist in Big Data Architecture and Cloud Computing.

Board members

Sebastien Cantel

Chief Operating Officer

Mahdi Hannoun, PhD

Chief Information Officer

Bertrand Laporte

Chief Technical Officer

Benoit Paris

Chief Marketing Officer

Farid Benkara

Business Development

Farhat Guedacha

Director of Projects

Michaël Ribeiro

Adminstrative Manager

Sarah Boubli

Office Manager

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