The founders

Business transformation through Data Science and Predictive Analytics was the spark that led the Octopeek founders Mahmoud Zakaria, PhD, and Abdelkrim Talhaoui to launch their startup in 2010. With a shared interest in challenge and innovation, they assembled a team of experts to take part in this adventure.  Ever more powerful computers, cloud infrastructure, algorithms, and Machine Learning sift through oodles of data and develop new mathematical models that bring insight to previously unsolvable problems. Capture the opportunity before your competitors do.


Mahmoud Zakaria, PhD

Co-founder | Head Data Scientist

Expert in Data Science and Modeling, and in Artificial Intelligence, with an in-depth knowledge of the Telecoms and IT sector, Mahmoud Zakaria is a mathematician with a passion for research and development


Abdelkrim Talhaoui

Co-founder | Big Data Architect

A graduate of ESSEC and of Telecom Paris Tech, Abdelkrim Talhaoui is a Big Data expert in many sectors, including energy, insurance, telecoms, ecommerce, industry, transport… Specialist in Big Data Architecture and Cloud Computing.