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Exploiting customer data

All companies generate and/or use data: customer or product databases, images, sounds, videos, etc. Nearly 33 zettabytes of data were generated in 2018. Only 10% to 30% of this data is exploited by companies. It is not always exploitable with traditional...

See you at the Data Marketing Paris 2019 Fair

Octopeek will present its new products at the Big Data Show at the Palais des Congrès, an opportunity for us to discuss your business issues.Octopeek returns to meet the anticipated 17,000 visitors at the Big Data Paris Show, a major Big Data show in France, with...

Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence

Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence

The agricultural world is undergoing a major transformation. Since 2017, buyouts and mergers of agrochemical giants have changed the global face of agro-economy. The ownership and exploitation of data for precision farming is at the heart of these changes. Precision...

Water, a resource to be preserved through Big Data

Water, a resource to be preserved through Big Data

Not only do we consume more water than we have, but we waste it on a global scale. It is essential we optimize our water consumption and its management. In this respect, Big Data is the best ally of the actors in the sector. In a UN report, analysts forecast that...

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