Data performance

Data Performance is a toolbox that allows a marketing department to clean, normalize, standardize and enrich their data.

Data Performance provides profiling, cleaning and masking of data of any format and volume and delivers the reliable data you need for your business.

Improve your marketing performance

Companies accumulate structured and unstructured data of more or less good quality and freshness.

ACompanies accumulate structured and unstructured data of more or less good quality and freshness.
Accumulating contacts over which we will have no control or any visibility, represents a significant cost if we refer for example to the marketing automation tools which invoice the contact.
Producing data quality represents a real marketing challenge.
A marketing department must judge the real effectiveness of its actions and focus on qualified contacts. It must also be able to give quality leads to sales teams.
Having a CRM up-to-date contributes to increase business opportunities : you only have to deal with existing data to take advantage of it.
Data Performance makes time-consuming work simple and fast.


How to perform in 6 steps ?


Csv, xls, xlsx
20 mb max/files


Deduplication, Merge,


Normalization, identification of invalid data, RNVP


Verif email
HLR Lookup


Data performance

Add large volumes of data

Upload “csv”, “xls” or “xlsx” files. Our data mapping tool allows you to reduce human mistakes.

Structure your database

You only use 10% of your database because the data in your CRM is not enough good quality. Our Data Cleaning tool helps you to dedupe, merge structure and format all your data.

Make sure your data is reliable

Make good decisions over a low quality database is not thinkable.
Due to our verification tools (email, phone, address), let your business developers work with data quality.

Update your data

Send the right message to the right person at the right time ! This is the challenge for any company.
Develop with Data Enrich a clear and simple strategy of collection and treatment of your data.
Due to this, you will increase your chance to have a better segmentation in your database.