Retail, like many other sectors, is undergoing dramatic change. Consumers are more and more in demand, and retailers must be particularly innovative in an ultra-competitive system.
To achieve this, they must understand the purchasing behavior of their target and their evolution, predict sales, measure their results, anticipate trends, streamline the purchasing process, optimize inventories… All tasks that require data.

Retailers, your opinion matters to us!

Data that must be collected, processed, analyzed… ideally in the shortest possible time to meet Time To Market requirements. Technology is an invaluable aid and AI is proving to be a real opportunity.

To know how retail, e-commerce and marketplace actors are addressing this new opportunity, what they think, the projects they have or that they will initiate, and for what purposes, we would like to investigate directly with them.

If you are one of these actors, we would be very grateful to you for giving us 5 minutes to answer these few questions. If you wish to receive the results of this study, you can indicate this at the end of the questionnaire so that we can send them to you.

The entire Octopeek team thanks you for your valuable time.